Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flying High!

Out to Dinner!
Some of the lights
This weekend went by quickly as usual. Friday I went out to eat with Roger and Kaye and their friends Harry and Poppy. We went to a fun sports club they are part of, and I had some delicious beef satay! It was a thai dish with a peanuty spicy sauce. It was very good! After that we headed to Harry and Poppy's house, and we saw the Christmas light displays. They were very pretty. There was music and everything. :) It reminded me of the states (other than the palm trees that were decorated and no snow).

Saturday I woke up and headed to the airport with Roger, and we met Ron. From there we took our 6 seater plane to Maningrida. It was a very pretty flight, and we were still close enough to the ground to see some sights! I did sleep both ways because the plane just lulled me to sleep! I tried to fight it but I couldn't. When I was awake, I did see some very pretty stuff. I loved the clouds! We were flying right through them and next to them, and it was awesome. I took many a picture! When we got to our destination, we hung out with Ron as he worked in the different places, but we did not end up walking around. We found out that the dogs had been attacking people lately in packs, so we didn't want to risk getting attacked. The place we went to was an indigenous town, and they just let the dogs wander around and basically live like they are in the wild. Therefore, they are not good dogs to encounter. Even though we didn't do much, the plane ride was well worth it!

Me with our plane :)

Roger and I in the back of the plane

Once we got home I just hung out at the house all night. I watched some good TV, and then I started to get ready to pack to leave Darwin. A very relaxed night. :)

Today Roger, Kaye and I went out and did some shopping around town, and I found some very funny cards I enjoyed that I am bringing home :) Later I went and saw New Years Eve (the new movie) by myself at the theatre. It was pretty good, but basically exactly what I expected. It was nice to see something from the states though, and it made me very very excited to be with Dave on New Years!!!

Sunday Roast was very tasty tonight :) As always! It was a smaller crowd without Sofia and Carlee and a few others that were absent, but still a good time. Tonight I packed all of my stuff in my bags to see if anything was too heavy, and it turns out I am pretty good to go! I think my bags will all be set! I might have to pack a few things in Elissas stuff somehow, but we should be good. It is so crazy to get ready to go...I can't believe I am almost leaving Darwin. I will miss Kaye and Roger so much!!! and all their animals :) I hope this week does not go too fast! I am excited to see Elissa in 3 days! It will be nice to have someone from home here.

But I will leave you with that. I hope everyone is doing well!!!!


Sam and I. We are good mates :)

Even Australians know which team to cheer for!!! MSU!!

One more gorgeous view of the clouds

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