Monday, October 31, 2011

First Day of School, First Day of School!!!

For those who don't realize it, that title is a Finding Nemo reference. Which I had to use since that movie is based in Australia!

My first day of school today was amazing! It was Melbourne Cup day which in Australia is BIG news. My day consisted of teaching of course, but there was a lot more to this day! I bet on the race with the other teachers, we watched the race after school in the library, we drank alcohol while we watched, we ate snacks, and people won money. Sadly I won nothing. My two horses that I got in the sweep were the Drunken Sailor and Older Than Time, and neither came close to winning. Too bad! But it was fun! I found out on Fridays the teachers drink after school so thats fun :) But everyone is very nice, and the kids all said they loved my accent.

Tonight my host parents get back! I am excited to finally have them in the house :)

This morning I noticed some little bugs scurrying around the floor whenever I opened cupboards, and I stepped on them on accident all over. I asked Blake what they were and it turned out they were all tiny cockroaches! He said they of course get bigger but yes they were big cockroaches in the making until I killed them by walking on them...That will take some getting used to.

Last night I heard some animals in the ceiling and Blake said they could be rats that are HUGE. I am hoping that is not the case, but as he has pointed out many times to me "I am in a tropical place so I need to realize what bugs and animals are around here!"

School overall seems like it will be great, but I do miss my Kindergarteners already!! This will be a fun time, and I can tell I will be learning a lot :)

Sofia gets here soon!!! Counting down until then :)

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