Thursday, November 3, 2011


I am learning how to use the phrases in Darwin, and it is quite fun!

  • They like to say "too easy" when you are saying like "its all good" type of idea. 
  • They say "no worries" a lot which is self explanatory. 
  • "Cheers" when saying goodbye. 
Those are only a few, but they are ones I like!

Sofia is here!! :) Finally and Carlee is here now as well! Carlee is another girl from GVSU that is staying with a lady who is friends with our host family so that worked out well!

Yesterday morning I went to brush my teeth and I screamed as I realized there was a lizard on the wall in front of me. It turned out to be a gecco, and Roger said it was nothing to worry about around here. Today we went an looked at the area where I saw the kangaroos before, but we didnt end up seeing any except for one far away. There were some beautiful trees with flowers on them, so I have pictures posted below :) 

We took the host family dog Sam on a walk, and he is so cute because he has to hold his own leash as we walk (also in a picture below). Sofia and I snapped a few pictures then when we were near the beach! 

It wasn't too hot today. It was only like 88-90 which was nice. I am getting more used to the weather, but I still sweat a lot! Thank goodness for AC down here or the Air Con as they say. 

Well I need to get some stuff ready for tomorrow, but enjoy the pictures! 


The money here is so pretty and made of plastic!

Our favorite flowers so far in Darwin, Frangipanis.

Sam walking himself!

The beach with low tide. 

Sofia and I :)

Me and the pretty tree!

My little bud from the bathroom :)

These frogs are all around our house outside.

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