Sunday, November 20, 2011

"A dingo ate your baby..."

A dingo we saw!

We went to the wildlife park on Saturday, and it was so cool. We saw a lot of different animals, and the rain forest around the area was amazing :) It was nice to see a lot of the animals so close in the buildings, and while walking around we were able to see animals in the wild too. Sofia got pooped on by some birds, and I have to admit it was hilarious! At one point I got distracted by some birds and I walked towards them and then I spotted a wallaby right near me! From then on we saw a lot of wallabies hopping around in the wild.
 I was surprised to see all the animals that are in this area. The Wildlife park only has animals that are in Australia in that area, so we were able to see what is really around us! The snakes were not a happy sight for me to see, but otherwise the animals are pretty cool. The crocodile we saw was very large, and it is crazy to think those things are all around this area. I can see how they eat people so easily since they are so large.
I have been looking into what to do when Elissa and I are traveling, and I found a Harry Potter Exhibition in Sydney! I immediately bought tickets for us to go, and I am super excited. The exhibition has a ton of props that are in all of the movies, costumes, etc. You can do the sorting hat, see Harry's wand, pick mandrakes, play quidditch, and so much more! I think its very obvious I am very excited for this, but I cannot wait to see all the stuff they actually used in the movies! So Elissa and I will have fun with that :) She will be here in 3 and a half weeks!
Tonight we are having some champagne to celebrate a Sunday :) We will have our Sunday tea soon, and it is already smelling so good.

 I am realizing more and more that I am about to miss my favorite time of the year. I love seeing my family so much during the Holidays, and I am getting sad knowing I won't be there. We are having a Thanksgiving this Thursday, but it won't be the same without my family, Dave, and Dave's family. I will miss all of the family parties, but I am enjoying myself here. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and just know I wish I was there with you (if I could teleport easily back and forth). I will try to write this week, but not much really happens with me during the school week.

 The sunset from our porch :)


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