Thursday, November 10, 2011

A little Aussie Update

So we had our Sunday tea, which was quite the feast! It was delicious, and there was quite the variety. I loved the chicken, veggies, bread, potatoes, gravy, etc! We had some AMAZING mango cheesecake, and I will get that recipe because it was probably the best cheesecake I have ever had. We have that feast to look forward to every Sunday, so I am very excited! Carlee comes every week too, so we all get to enjoy it!
This week has gone by pretty quickly, and it has been good. Monday I was in the classroom by myself, and it went really well. I am finally getting used to the class, and I am more comfortable around them. On my way to school on Tuesday, I was walking to my school, and I turned my head and there was a HUGE lizard right next to me. I of course screamed and ran away, but then I realized I had to take a picture! I walked very slowly and got close to the guy, and I snapped a quick picture. He started to look angry, so I quickly left. I am glad I did because my teacher said they get grumpy and then will chase you! Apparently it is rare to see such a large frilled neck lizard, but of course I managed to almost run into one. Other than that school has been good, and I am having fun with them. Tomorrow is Friday so I get to drink in the teachers lounge with the other teachers after school! :) 
I was sick today, and I slept a long time. Luckily I feel better now, but I still have a headache and am sore. Kaye was super sweet and got me a feel better present! I got a new pair of shorts that I love! They are so comfy :) Hopefully I will be 100% tomorrow so I can have a good weekend, and those shorts did help cheer me up! 
I love the money here! I took some more pictures because all of the bills are so pretty. 
Sofia tried vegemite the other day, but I have not taken the plunge yet. I will need to do that soon though :) 

Tomorrow I teach my lesson on Thanksgiving! Next week I teach all about probability. I am on track to teaching the class, and I am excited. They are so laid back here it makes it less stressful, and I feel very welcome in the school.

Well this weekend we are planning on doing some exciting adventures...not exactly sure what yet, but you will hear about them soon enough! Sunday we are for sure going to a lake nearby, and then we have our feast! Looking forward to another weekend here :)


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