Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jumping Crocodiles!

Today we woke up and went to the Adelaide River to go on the Crocodile Cruise! The river boat captain told us where the best place to sit was, so we got the best seats on the whole boat! There were a lot of crocodiles around, and they said that for every crocodile you see above water you can assume that there are 5-8 more nearby that are underneath the water. That means that that river had A LOT of crocodiles around! They dangle meat from the upper deck of the boat, and then they lure the crocs RIGHT next to where we were sitting. The crocodiles then jump out of the water by using their tails, and they go after the food! It was really cool to see, and it was a perfect day outside :) The crocodiles are really big, and it quite scary when they pop up so close! I would not want to be anywhere near that water not in a vehicle. We saw some small crocodiles, but a few that we saw were pretty big!

Tonight is our Sunday tea!!! Enjoy the crocodile pics :)


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