Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let's go to a Footie Match!

This weekend has been great so far! Last night Carlee, Sofia and I went out on the town! We took a bus and then went to a bar called The Tap. It was this great outdoor bar with trees and plants all around, and they had these huge fishbowl drinks. We all shared two of those drinks, and they both were so tasty! After that we walked around downtown, and then went to a vodka bar in the Ducks Nuts bar. There were a ton of different flavors of vodkas, but we didn't get any because we knew they would be too expensive! It was cool to see all the crazy flavors of vodka like sour gummy worms, orange skittles, strawberries and cream, musk (?), and many others. Once we were done checking that place out we went to an Irish pub called Kitty O Sheas, and finished our night there. Roger and Kaye came and picked us up after that and we headed home to sleep!

Today we went to the market in the morning, and we got some fresh food and smoothies. We then walked around and saw all the stands. They had some really cool stuff, and a lot of things were very tasty! I bought a really cool sandstone rock that it pink and white striped. I thought it was cool, but I know Sofia and Carlee weren't as interested! haha We tried some hot sauce that was made with the worlds hottest chili. It tasted really good, but it was so hot that my entire mouth burned for a long time, and I was coughing a lot. My tongue went numb for a little while afterwards, but in the end I really liked the sauces flavor!

After the market we hung out at home for a while, but then we went to an Aussie Rules Football Match. People call them footie matches, so that is where I got my title :) It was really cool to watch, and it was so fast paced! We had some beers while watching, and then we had a traditional game food, meat pies with tomato sauce (ketchup). They were good, so were the beers, and so was the game! The Tiwis beat the Wanderers by quite a bit, but it was still a good game. It is even better in person to watch! ( just for your information mom and dad)

Tomorrow we are heading to a river with Blake to go on a crocodile cruise. I am excited to see them up close! They say the crocs even jump out of the water, which will be dangerous and scary but oh well! It is an experience I have to have :) We then have our Sunday tea later in the day, which I am already looking forward to! I hope all is well in the states!


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