Friday, November 18, 2011

G'Day Mate

Sunday night we went out and watched the sunset with Blake and Bruce. It was gorgeous. We then headed back to the house and had our Sunday tea. It was once again delicious, and we had a lot of fun. I definitely eat too much on Sunday nights, so I need to start scaling back when I eat. Kaye and Roger are spoiling us with sweets!!! I will probably come back to the states with a few extra pounds, but hey the Tim Tams, Curlywurlys, Violet Crumbles, etc. are worth it!!!!
Earlier this week Kaye and Roger took us to their club they are part of, and they got us dinner. We sat on the deck outside and ate dinner as we watched the sunset. I got some delicious fish and chips, and Sofia had some very good spaghetti something. It was a perfect little dinner out with the family.
One of the days after school, Sofia and I decided to head to the mall just to browse. Well that did not turn into just browsing. We ended up getting one more pair of our favorite shorts from Cotton On. They were only 10 dollars, and they actually fit! Then we went to  our other favorite store, Valley Girl, and we looked around. The name is not so great but the clothes are cheap and cute! I ended up getting a dress I would never usually buy, but I fell in love with it and it was on sale. After that we went to KMart and found some cheap very cute sandals. I got a brown pair because I needed some brown sandals, and then I was done! That was the first  time I spoiled myself with clothes I wanted in a long time.
Another almost full set of different looking Harry Potter books!!

Later this week Obama came to Darwin! Sofia and I took off school to see him, and we ended up not even being able to see him. It did not work in our favor. It was very restricted and shut off to the public, but Sofia and I still enjoyed our day off and trying to see him! He was a big hit here, and the Australians loved him! I wish I could have seen him, but in spirit I am sure he knows I love him :)
Last night we had kanga bangers!!! (Kangaroo Sausages, see picture to right!!) I tried Kangaroo for the first time, and it was good. Kangaroo is apparently the healthiest meat you can have here, and it is red meat. It did taste good, but I felt bad eating a kangaroo so I am not sure if I will do it again. I also tried Vegemite yesterday, and I do not like it. It is soooo bitter and not good. I might keep trying it to see if I grow to like it, but I am not so sure. Sofia said it was better the second time, but it was not my thing. I am glad  I am trying the food that is common here though!!
Today is Friday, and we are just relaxing at home. We are getting ready to head to the Wildlife Park tomorrow. I am excited! It is in a rainforest area, and we will see a lot of wildlife :) Sofia, Carlee and I are going, and it should be fun and a good photo opportunity!
It was so hot today, I had to get home and just lie in the AC. I hope the states are enjoying the weather there! It is hot here, but I am not ready to leave this to head back to snow! Monsoon season is about to start up with possible hurricanes, so we will see how that goes! We are watching cricket right now and it is crazy! But very cool. We will have to get more into it. I also just watched Sepak Takraw with Kaye and Roger. That is crazy! It is a mix of volleyball and soccer. You have to get a ball over a net and you can only use your feet. Pretty cool!
 I am sorry I didn't write all week, but I will update about this weekend asap! Enjoy your weekends!!


This is what is on all of the cigarette boxes here. They are not attractive!
Drinking milk through a Tim Tam. It is delicious!!! Tim Tams are long chocolate cookies :)
Tiny Lizard on the table last night!!!

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