Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Don't Be Such a Grizzlebum

Grizzlebums are people who whine and are a pain in the bottom. Sofia and I just love Kaye's sayings, and she has some good ones. This a more G rated saying, so I chose to put this up!

The last few days have been good, and I have taught more in the classroom. I am really enjoying being in the classroom here. and the days go by soo fast! The school day is shorter, and they have a lot of special things that I do not have to be in charge of. It is a refreshing change to teach here, and I think I am really learning something about myself as a teacher.

It has been so hot out here the last few days. It hasn't rained the last few days, so it is just heating up. Today Sofia and I just walked from the bus stop and we were dying. I am almost positive with the humidity it was right around 100 degrees today, and the humidity just makes it a horrible heat. Let's hope it rains soon because that helps us with the heat for a bit.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for us which will be ahead of everyone in the States, so we will be having our Thanksgiving dinner while everyone is sleeping there. I am excited to try and recreate Thanksgiving dinner here. I hope we are successful!

Sam (our house dog) is so funny. When he is down by the mailbox we give him the mail, and he takes it up to the house for us! Once we are inside he lets go of it. Today we gave him a thin package to take to the house, and he took small steps up each stair and then lifted his head higher to allow the package to clear the stairs. Sofia and I were cracking up, and it was so cute! He is a great little dog!

Tonight Sofia, Kaye and I had a little girls night, and we went to a shop down by the beach. The shop was having a champagne night, so we were allowed to drink champagne while shopping. It was wonderful! We shopped around a little and had some drinks :) On the way home I saw this really cool cloud that I had to take a picture of, because I just thought it was beautiful! The sky here is always so amazing (except when it is cloudy when it rains/storms). I love it!!

Good News you can post comments now on my blog. I fixed my settings, so anyone can do it! Just write your name at the end so I know who wrote it!

Well I hope everyone has a great rest of the week, and enjoy your Thanksgiving. I will be missing those I love very much.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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  1. Hope you have a great thanksgiving! Will be thinking about you. Love,Gma