Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Weekend :)

Well the first weekend was a success! I didn't do much, but what we did do was fun. Friday night we went out to eat with Blake to a really cool restaurant, and we ate crocodile and calamari. The Crocodile was a little chewy for my taste, but it did taste like chicken otherwise. I don't think I will have it again, but I am happy I tried it! My next thing to try is kangaroo. 

We then took a picture with the baby crocodile that was at the restaurant so that was fun :)

We went to a bar later and we were doing some wonderful people watching. There was one couple that was a little too aggressive, and I had to snap a picture because we were all so stunned by it!

Later at the end of the night we went to Blake's to meet his new puppy Bruce! He is the cutest little thing :)

Saturday we hung out around our house all day and it was wonderful. We went into the pool and hung out with Carlee! We had some drinks and nibbles throughout the day (snacks), and I took this picture because I think its cool that they have such a variety of mixed drinks already made. Mostly I thought of Dave when I saw all of these, so Dave you better think these are cool!

Saturday night we had a great barbee night and it was delicious! We had so much food and we all just talked and hung out at the house. Perfect relaxing Saturday!

Today Sofia and I went to the Casuarina Mall and we shopped. I didn't buy much, but it was cool to see the different things they sell! I had a spinach and feta pie for lunch and it was very good! We also saw the Harry Potter books, and their different covers! I took a picture below :) There was an awesome restaurant where you can just pick your dish off of a train as it went around, so naturally I took a picture! Last cool thing, the escalators in Australia are just an inclined slope that moves they are pretty cool, and they make you tip a little! Once again picture of Sofia on one today is below :)
 Now we are about to have a our big roast for tea (dinner) that they have every sunday! So I should head out to meet everyone and enjoy the time. A new school week starts tomorrow! I will keep you posted :)

Harry Potter Books!

The slope escalator.

My delicious lunch!

And of course the crazy train restaurant. You can see the train with the dishes right in front of the waitress at the counter :)


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