Saturday, November 26, 2011

Weekend of Waterfalls and Camping

This weekend we got up on Saturday and got ready to go to Litchfield National Park. Blake drove Sofia, Carlee, and me out to the park, and we started our weekend by hiking up this little mountainy hill thing. It was very tiring, but once we reached our location it was worth it! We went to this set of waterfalls (Cascade Falls), and we swam and walked around in them. I happened to slip while walking in one of the falls, and I took a hard fall onto the rocks. My tailbone is quite sore now, and my head and elbow are banged up a little bit. When I fell, I took Blake's advice and went with the fall. This somehow ended up in my landing like aboard on the rocks. I had my whole body stiff with my arms stiff at my sides. Needless to say, Blake, Carlee, and Sofia all were laughing at me quite hard. Other than my fall, it was wonderful there! The water was nice and cool, and the waterfalls were so pretty and peaceful.

After we left that area, we went to a really pretty waterfall a little ways away. This one was called Wangi Falls and it was a lot bigger and also very pretty. We weren't allowed to swim in that one though because of the crocodiles and the really strong current from the falls. We walked out to the lookout point and just enjoyed the view before we walked back to have lunch. I sadly forgot my camera for this set of falls, so Carlee has the pictures we took here.

Once we were done eating, we went to Buley Rockholes and swam in those. These were very popular, and we definitely enjoyed them! The water was so refreshing, and the waterfalls gave you back massages as you sat in them. This was a nice area because the holes were deep enough to swim and play around. It was a wonderful way to end a very hot and sweaty day. The whole day we were hiking around, and we all got some sun. It was very pretty, and it helped me get used to such hot weather!

At night we all camped at our campsite. We had dinner and drinks around the fire, and we enjoyed one anothers company until it got dark. After that we headed to bed. It was warm at night, but not too hot to sleep. I just had a hard time sleeping with the noises and my tailbone hurting.

In the morning we woke up around 7 something, and we packed up camp. We headed to the Florence Falls, and we had a morning swim in the waterfalls! It was absolutely amazing. We spent a lot of time here, and it was hard to leave such a beautiful place. The falls were quite large, and the water was wonderful! We swam under the waterfalls, and then we climbed around on the rocks in the area. Once again I forgot my camera, so Carlee has the pictures for this place.

After that we went to Tolmer Falls, and walked to a lookout point to view those. You aren't allowed to swim there anymore because they are protecting a cave that bats live in. It was the highest waterfall we saw, and it was also gorgeous! The whole trip was amazing, and I am so happy we were able to go! I am very tired and sore after the weekend, but it was so worth it! I wish I lived close to a place like this in Michigan!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I am sad I missed all my family parties...but I am glad we did something exciting to fill the time!


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